For India to achieve its target of double-digit GDP growth, it needs to harness all its resources – the biggest one being our manpower. Sadly, our manpower today is not equipped to take on the challenge of leading India to its destiny. 35% of them are illiterate and the ones, who are certified literate, are barely employable. This is because their curiosity to learn and discover their unique potential is dulled and stamped out by our rote learning and testing approach. Everybody has to learn the same way, is tested the same way and there is no accommodation for each child’s uniqueness.

To convert our manpower into Valuable Human Capital, education needs to help them achieve their true, unique potential. However, there’s a big gap today between what Education needs to do and what it is actually doing. We at Zee Learn, aim to bridge this gap. Our Purpose is to Improve Human Capital by helping individuals realize their unique potential through quality education and development.

We know that a child begins to discover his true inclinations and learning preferences at a very early stage. This is proven by more than 100 years of research in Human Development and Child development that states that maximum brain development happens by the age of 6 years. This led us to be pioneers in organized pre-schooling in India with Kidzee – now India’s No. 1 chain of pre-schools. At Kidzee, a child discovers a love for learning and becomes aware of his preferences in a supportive and safe environment. We do this through a child centred curriculum that is age-appropriate and follows the Multiple Intelligence approach.

We carry forward this thought of keeping the child at the centre of learning with Mount Litera Zee Schools – our chain of K12 schools. At Mount Litera Zee School, we follow an integrated approach towards Learner Centric Education (LCE). This means that all components of schooling – methodology, teacher competence, assessment, infrastructure, extra/co-curriculars and parents – come together to deliver what is best for each child. This is a significant departure from the teacher-led, rote-learning environment prevalent in most schools in India. At Mount Litera Zee School, we help students discover what they are good at (not whether they are good or not). We equip them with life skills (critical thinking, conceptual understanding and strong moral fibre) to succeed in the new Knowledge economy. And we prepare them to ace any test in life through practice and wide exposure.

This Education Philosophy guides us in everything we do and is reflected in all our ventures.